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Everything Relates to Everything Else: An Interview with Sara Rosenbaum

Sara Rosenbaum is Chair of the Department of Health Policy and Harold and Jane Hirsh Professor of Health Law and Policy. The O’Neill Institute’s Lester Feder spoke with her about the way forward after Republican Scott Brown’s election to represent Massachusetts in the US Senate. Lester Feder:  What are the options that Congress has right […]

Does HR 3962 Make Being Uninsured a Crime?

According to the Wall Street Journal of November 18, the latest front of the health care debate is a charge that people who refuse to buy health insurance could, under the House bill, spend five years in prison. The article quotes Rep. Peter Roskam (R. Ill.) as stating “if you don’t comply with the individual […]

An Income Tax that Doesn’t Tax Income?

Tim’s detailed analysis of tax provisions in the Constitution that might apply to health reform is the most thorough I know of, but it only begins to map the issues, which are tricky and important enough that they deserve more attention from constitutional tax law experts. As I synthesize Tim’s points, it seems that the […]

Is it a Tax? Is it Constitutional?

By far the most controversial provision of the health care reform legislation pending in Congress from a constitutional perspective has been the individual mandate. The primary controversy has concerned the issue, which we addressed two weeks ago, of whether the commerce clause authorizes Congress to impose an individual mandate. A different constitutional issue, however, was […]

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